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Flow Differential Pressure

Rosemount Pressure transmitterRosemount Pressure transmitterRosemount Pressure transmitter




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Rosemount flowmeters are fully configured, leak-tested, and ready to install, saving you time and money, while reducing critical skill set requirements. Our flowmeter solutions have fewer potential leak points, leading to lower maintenance and reduced flow error. This improves quality, throughput, and energy efficiency.




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• Optimise energy efficiency and material accounting
• Industry’s first “% of reading” specification, delivers ten-fold performance improvement
• Full compensation of over 25 different parameters at 22 update / second response




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• Shrink footprint, weight and cost with a 90% reduction in straight pipe requirements
• Reduce engineering cost and time to add new flow points
• Achieve better performance with ±0.75% mass flow accuracy over 14:1 turndown




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• Minimise design, installation, and maintenance cost with a consistent configuration
• Experience accurate DP flow measurement in line sizes up to 40 mm (1.5")




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• Reduce flowmeter energy loss up to 95%
• Simplify installation and reduce cost with insertion technology
• Achieve high performance with ±0.8% mass flow accuracy over 14:1 turndown




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Annubar Case Study



Conditioning Orifice Case Study







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Annubar Video





Conditioning Orifice Flowmeter



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